Pizza war in Brooklyn

By on Mar 8, 2016 in Criminal Defence, Organized Crime |

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A Queens Pizzeria worker who is suspected of having ties with organized crime was arrested for torching of a car owned by rival pizzeria. The suspect burned himself as well in order to cover the evidence of his crime.
His story was that he burned himself by knocking over a pot that contained chicken and rise from the stove in his house. Fire marshals that were responsible for investigation of car torching checked with the mother of Gabrielli (man that was responsible for torching) about alleged fire in their house, but she told them that there was indeed a fire in the house, but there were no dirty dishes in the kitchen.
Gabrielli’s involvement in torching of the car, Mercedes Benz, which was owned by the owner of Sofia’s Pizzeria, was proven by the report from hospital where they said that his clothes smells of gasoline. Possible and probable reason for this crime lies in a 1 300 dollars worth catering order taken by Sofia’s Pizzeria, but it should have been done by Aldo Calore, Gabrielli’s grandfather and owner of Aldo’s Pizzeria. Defense lawyer denied that after the release of Gabrielli with 700 000 dollars of bail.
His grandfather was one of the bail signers, other being his sister Eleanor who is dating John Gotti Junior, grandson of famous Gambino boss John Gotti.
As a condition for his release the prosecutor demanded a list of members of organized crime that don’t have any connection to Gabrielli.
Criminal defense attorney orange county is was very interested in this case and he said that there are some things that should have been done better. He said that Italian mobsters are famous for their strong ties to family. That connection can be seen in torching of a luxury car due to rivalry in Pizza industry. Further investigation should have happened in this case, but it might be too late now.