It takes two to bring Cosby down

By on Mar 8, 2016 in DUI lawyer |

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Bill Cosby has faced many accusation of sexual assault, but most of them didn’t reach court, apart a case of Andrea Constand. But it wasn’t she that made it possible to raise criminal charges against Cosby, but her two lawyers, D.M. Troiani and B.H. Kivitz.
During whole legal journey of Ms. Constand these two have been challenging Mr. Cosby. It started with first criminal investigation that sadly never led to charges and continued through civil proceedings in which they reached financial settlement for their client with Mr. Cosby.

One of their latest actions against Cosby was disclosure of confidential testimony made by Cosby that was a part of the civil settlement in which Cosby confirmed that he obtained sedative and hypnotic medication known as Quaaludes in order to have sex with women. This was disclosed to become the evidence after the announcement that criminal charges are being brought against Cosby.
Legal team of Mr. Cosby complained about the conduct of these two lawyers, saying that they wage personal war against Cosby and that the information they disclosed should be not used as evidence because it was confidential. None of those two lawyers accepted an offer for interview, but they said everything that was needed in the courtroom .

Ms. Troiani said that she is a very passionate person and that she is still furious about the treatment her client received back in 2005 when the criminal charge was denied. She said that her client was treated as someone that done something wrong and not many people looked at her as the victim. Her client was asked a barrage of questions that were aimed to prove that Cosby was just a victim not the wrongdoer.

las vegas DUI lawyer who closely followed this case and other accusations that were aimed at Cosby shared his opinion. He said that these two lawyers did what no one could. They showed that Bill Cosby is not everyone’s granddad, but a man that is willing to drug women to abuse them. Their passion is only rivaled by their support and loyalty they have to Ms. Constand. They are the best examples of good lawyers and other lawyers should learn from them.