A system that kills people with its lack of response

By on Mar 8, 2016 in Criminal Defence, DUI lawyer |

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Killing of Carmen Torres-Gonzales in the South Bronx showed people how much damage is done by the system that ignores those that are in need.
To remind you South Bronx is not really a friendly neighborhood, in fact it is one of the more dangerous places in USA. Crime is an everyday thing in a place like South Bronx, but I will not delve in that too much. Ms. Carmen was killed by 26 years old Angel Feliz-Volquez, a resident who lived in the same building as the victim. The assailant charged Ms. Carmen with 20-inch machete and stricken her repeatedly with it, causing injuries on upper portion of victim’s body including severing of one hand. After he was done he just stood over lifeless body of his victim.

Detectives that worked on the case found out that Mr. Feliz-Volquez was diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder. But that disease is not the main reason for this killing, the secret lies in the whole system.

The increasing numbers of vicious killings in areas that have low crime rate are caused by two things, entrenched violence in highly packed buildings due to dysfunctional public housing and lack of effective services that are provided to mentally ill people who don’t have enough money to buy expensive medication.

Lack of support and care for mentally ill people means that they don’t receive medication that would keep them sane, and government is turning their back on those people, endangering their lives and lives of people that live near them.

Several this page sat down and talked about this problem. They said that government and its agencies are responsible for mentally ill people that aren’t able to buy the medication. Protecting the citizens is the priority for every government, and by having ineffective system like this is counter-productive.